Beauty without spectacle,
Meaning without mystique,
Technique without rigidity,
World without end.

I am an accordionist living in Asheville North Carolina. I have traveled extensively throughout the US performing and teaching. When I am home, I split my time between painting and recording.

You can hire me for jobs that might call for a solo accordion or a small ensemble, including:

  • dance parties and festivals
  • weddings and receptions
  • studio recording sessions and gigs
  • art openings
  • funeral processions
  • multimedia installations …because if your installation is mindbendingly good with a drony synth soundtrack, think of how great it would be with a bunch of accordions. seriously.
  • folk dance/music camps
  • wingman for serenading
  • guest speaker at schools … and so on.
photo: Farhad Rezaei

1 thought on “Music”

  1. hi august.
    your parents marty and fred came to visit our workshop in grenada. we are making wearable art and crafts. we both are as well creating art pieces for art shows. your mom talked about you, and came back with this presios CD as a present. that is how we get to know your works of art. for me art is culture and the essence of life. the roots of music and art is a fusion of our imaginations. we as artist can trigger emotions our messages can make people think and give there spirit a new perspectiv. i love free spirits, your paintings are full of strong energy.
    your parents are rootsy and nice. i had a very special short little time to know
    your sweet mome, and could see her creativety in her textil works that she made with our batik pieces. it is great to herite strong roots. maybe, that is why we had to meet and check your creations. up to now with your art and music on CD and computer, maybe you come one time to this little island. it is magic full of nature and all around rolling weaves coming straight from africa.
    roots and soals can open new chanels to get positive energy to the world. i feel some vibes telling me… we will connect some how. asta luego….up to the next words or notes.. have a great creative life. wonlove like bob marly chant.. lilo.. i am on FB lilo nido and Art Fabrik. say hi to mom and dad.

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