Beauty without spectacle,
Meaning without mystique,
Technique without rigidity,
World without end.

I am an accordionist living in Asheville North Carolina. I have traveled extensively throughout the US performing and teaching. When I am home, I split my time between painting and recording.

You can hire me for jobs that might call for a solo accordion or a small ensemble, including:

  • dance parties and festivals
  • weddings and receptions
  • studio recording sessions and gigs
  • art openings
  • funeral processions
  • multimedia installations …because if your installation is mindbendingly good with a drony synth soundtrack, think of how great it would be with a bunch of accordions. seriously.
  • folk dance/music camps
  • wingman for serenading
  • guest speaker at schools … and so on.

photo: Farhad Rezaei

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