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  1. How did you come up wih the name Black Barn Eldritch Fire? (That’s the painting we purchased and love!). Thanks!
    Frank and Brooks Marro

    1. Hi Frank and Brooks –
      I ‘m really glad to hear that you are happy with the painting, thanks! To answer your question: I have a couple different approaches to titling work, in this case, it was a matter of finding the right grouping of words, so that it is evocative and opens up associations for the viewer. (Some other paintings that fit in this category are Vast Summer Void and Sun Soak Black Blaze. I feel that titles shouldn’t be like riddles with fixed answers, but open-ended, like poetry. Or maybe, titles are there to enhance the painting, like a soundtrack enhances a movie.) Some of the things that influenced the title of this painting: The woman who modeled for the painting lives in Madison County NC near a lot of black tobacco barns–there is a vague suggestion of a barn in the upper right corner. I was experimenting with odd lighting effects, such as a figure lit from below as if by campfire or headlights, and the peculiar color combinations of natural and artificial lights on the horizon. And there is a sort-of Southern Gothic quality that I really like, where the artist depicts something that is fairly ordinary, but with an undercurrent, a suggestion towards the uncanny. Plus, well, eldritch is just a really cool word.

      This is probably far more information than you were asking for… but I do hope it clarifies things for you, and adds interest to your painting!

  2. August this is a great site and I have to tell you it’s so amazing to see how much you have grown as an artist since college. I remember even back then you had this remarkable talent, it was something so far beyond your ears. And this work is just awesome! Not many people have brush strokes like you. I’m so proud to be able to say I know such a talent. I just started listening to the solo album as well.
    Keep up the excellent work!


  3. August……..I purchased “A Discussion About Our Future several months ago. In fact, I think, it was summer of 2014 that I acquired it from Bella Vista. I returned to the art gallery to buy a self portrait. As I recall, your image occupied the right lower quadrant of the canvas. Blue was the dominant color. It is one of the few works of art I regret not buying. But, it’s my nature to ruminate on any purchase regardless of the cost. Is your website the best way to keep up with the art you make available for sale? I know that Bella Vista is no longer. Is there another gallery representing you in Asheville?

    My primary residence is in Louisiana. Highlands, NC is during the summers. –Cary Saurage

    1. Hi Cary, thanks for writing! Right now the website needs a big update to add new work and to mark work that is available or sold. I will email you.

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