I teach private and group accordion lessons, and I have traveled throughout the US teaching music workshops at festivals and community events.  Contact me for details and availability.

Current music workshop topics:

Sing, Gadje Sing!  Get in on the jams!  Sing Gadje Sing is an ever-rotating selection of songs from Eastern Europe, and it is also a tried-and-true soundtrack to epic parties. We will learn different folk melodies, including lyric pronunciation and meaning.  This class also covers vocal harmony and Balkan polyphony, as well as melodic yelling. (All levels, no experience necessary; this class is for everyone who wants to participate in making the party happen!)

Melodic Improvisation for Balkan Music:  A method for playing Balkan and Middle Eastern music intuitively and spontaneously.  These ideas and guidelines  can improve soloing and encourages each person to develop a more expressive voice with your instrument. The class will also address etiquette and how to play a supportive role with other musicians. (Intermediate level.  Please bring a melody instrument that can play in D Hijaz scale.)

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  1. Hey, life is large. I’m still in Austin but moving back to the ville in the fall I hope. So much has happened. Briefly, divorced amicably, brother passed away in feb, had a heart episode last July, had congestive heart failure last month and having a hip replaced in 10 doing pretty good in spite of all this. When I move I’m seeing my family in NW Florida then taking the slow and scenic route up. I want to visit you in al. Ill give you a heads up when that comes about. Until then I hope you are well. OSO

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